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​​Bottom line

Offering a wide variety of styles, sizes and models, a shipping container home 
can offer the space, luxury and amenities that suit property requirements for you, a family or as an investment.

And because shipping container residences are typically less expensive than more traditional properties and when traditional mortgages aren't an option, our flexible loan options can unlock the door of your container home.

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If your home is movable property,
it isn’t typically eligible for a
traditional mortgage.

Commercial & Multi - Unit Investment Container Properties Have Great Income Potential 
We Have Financing For
Your Container Home Project Available​​!
Financing Guidelines:

→650 MIN score (680+ scores needed for highest loan amounts).

→Choose options from installment (cash loans) or lines of credit.

→No Business revenue or business entity needed.

→No CPN’s or built files.(must use social security number and have primary accounts).

→Can be in Business or Personal name but all financing requires a personal guarantee, (faster and easier funding in personal name).

Depending on your credit and financing needs, an unsecured personal loan could be a strong option. You aren’t required to put up your container home as collateral. 


  • By far the most utilized because of its ease and quickness in cash loans.
  • Deposited in your bank account
  • With a fixed monthly payment term of 2 years-7 years.
  • Individual loan amounts from $25,000. up to $100,000. each
  • With interest rates ranging from 6% and up. 
  • Borrowers can combine multiple installment loans or lines of credit for maximum funding up to $300,000.

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