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Start a business-
New businesses that are still in the startup stage will need funding to get off the ground. Most entrepreneurs will use personal funds to start the business, however very few manage to entirely self-fund the company to profitability, and will therefore have to seek external funding. Contact us, we're here to help.

Working Capital-
Sufficient working capital is a key aspect of any company’s financial health, and not having enough working capital can have a serious impact on the future of your business.

Business and Personal Unsecured Lines of Credit​​

  • 680 + Credit Score 
  • No pay stubs or job sourcing, we only verify cash flow. 
  • Must have strong monthly cash flow.
  • Loan Amounts $20k - $300k 
  • Interest rates 0% for the first 6 - 12 months, then rates as low as 5% 
  • ​Close in 3 business days.

Loans Based on Revenue

  • Credit scores 500+
  • Interest rates start at 6% for scores 620+
  • Loan amounts for business loans and Lines of Credit up to $500k.

Installment Loans

  • Credit scores 650+
  • $25k - $300k Loan Amounts
  • Interest rates start at 6%​​​

Existing Business, Start Up,
Real Estate and Personal Loans
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Equipment Purchase-
Growing your business and increasing sales often requires you to purchase assets such as new machinery or vehicles. While you may have enough cash to cover working capital expenses for your company, you may look for a loan to cover the purchase of new assets to enable your business to expand.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you may very well need funding that enables you to execute on your business plans. Whether you want to increase sales, expand your range of products or services, move into new premises, hire more staff, or expand internationally, a loan for growth finance can help.

Debt Restructuring-
If you need to restructure your company’s debt, a loan that consolidates your borrowings and reduces costs can make your finances more manageable for your business. A loan to restructure your existing debt can make financial planning easier by reducing the number of monthly repayments, and could potentially reduce your total monthly repayments.

*Loan Types:

Business Lines of Credit
A business line of credit gives you capital to meet a whole variety of business needs. Draw on your business line of credit to get more working capital, buy inventory, handle seasonal cash flow gaps, pay off other debts, or address almost any other business emergency or opportunity.

Term Loans
A traditional term loan is a lump sum of cash you pay back, plus interest, over a fixed period. The interest rates on these loans start at prime and are suitable for a wide range of business purposes. 


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